Revive. Restyle. Restore.

Introducing our New Remount Program

Designed for quality-conscious jewelry stores to revive unsold inventory into Core Diamond Essentials. The pieces that sell everyday for every independent jeweler. We accept all merchandise fit for restoration regardless of the original manufacturer.



Remounting breathes new life into pieces that just are not selling

Offer your customers new styles and new collections

Eco-conscious jewelry recycling program

Generate improved cash flow 



How to Get Started


Step 1:

Identify dated inventory jewelry at your store and contact us to set up a consultation call. 

Step 2:

Work with our sales specialist to order Core Diamond Essentials jewelry or work with our jewelry designers to create 

new trending styles using the same raw materials from your dated merchandise. 

We can design jewelry based on your specifications any way you want it.

Step 3:

After we finalize the styles for the remounts, we will design, manufacture, and deliver the finished jewelry 

within 10 business days from the date of order.